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October 31, 2007

Custom Adapted Offroad Bumper - Background

So here is the story of how I ended up with a Toyota FJ bumper on the front of my Trailblazer. When The Roadie released the news that he was getting a custom front bumper made, I was all excited and ready to join in on the project (i.e. getting a Trailblazer version made). However, reality set in when I realized that shipping something that big and heavy to Canada was going to be a problem and/or very expensive. So I started to look for local alternatives. I mentioned my plans to Ryan at National4WD, which had done previous excellent work, and he said he would be up for it. So I started looking around for bumper candidates. The main criteria was of course size and fit, with a winch mount being second in importance. Problem was that it was extremely difficult to get measurements from most of the bumper manufactureres. Except for one company - FabFours. They have a great interactive tool on their web site that lets you rotate and zoom into a 3D cad drawing of their bumpers. And when I asked, they sent me a precise cad graphic of the bumper I was interested in, with measurements. From that I was pretty certain that the Toyota FJ bumper could work on the Trailblazer:
And as luck would have it, National4WD was a FabFours dealer, and had a bumper in stock! Well, this was too good of an opportunity to let pass by so I left the vehicle with them for a test fitting. Ryan gave me the good news and I said "lets go for it!" Here are some shots of the Trailblazer featuring the bumper. Click on them to get a zoomed in view:
Now to the technical aspects ...