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June 5, 2009

Camp NL 2008 - Video

On the Sunday, Mike, a friend of mine joined me with his Canon HDV camcorder and digital SLR and took some great photos and videos of the day's trail ride. We had over 3 hours of material from which to choose from. I edited this video down to various interesting shots of my Trailblazer, stills of which are in Parts I - IV.

You can see more of his great work at his photo/video site: www.mikephoto.com

The video really shows how wet that summer was and how many deep water crossings had to be negotiated. It also shows how great everybody was, particularly the trail guides, when they had to cut the sheared anti-sway bar off of my SUV.

What's an off-road weekend without some trail carnage!

A Million Vacations
by Max Webster
Swamp Boogie
by Skydiggers
We'll Go Too
by The Tragically Hip
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