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October 18, 2010

Gotta Taste for Adventure?

Then watch the commercial which follows an intrepid overlander and his Trailblazer seeking a priceless treasure.

This is our entry for the Cheetah Power Surge TV commercial challenge.

Please vote with 5 stars at the Cheetah site. Thanks!

Special thanks to Mike Duhamel at Media Gone Mad for the great video capture and outstanding creative collaboration.

We shot this over 1 day using a Sony HVRA1U HDV camcorder, a great compact solution for Overland HD capture. And a GoPro HD on-board camera for those crazy POV shots. The weather wasn't perfect but we ended up shooting a wide range of Ontario locations, from Hockley Valley, to Osler Bluffs, to Oliphant Beach. Overall an exciting day!

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