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February 4, 2011

Vanishing Point - 2011 - Reception and Scapes Exhibition

The opening reception was a big success, many thanks to Propeller and the show's jury for the privilege of being selected.

Here's my artist's statement:

Vanishing Point
Photo-Graphic Installation
75 x 100 cm

The absurdly straight solitary road that seems imaginable only in the unforgiving country of western America. Linearity extends to the horizon and culminates in a vanishing point.

Three photographs taken while in motion from the driver’s perspective provide for the discovery of anonymous landscapes. Yet, with the advancement of digital photo, GPS, and mapping capabilities, precise locations make themselves available to the technologically curious.

Utilizing continuously gathered data plus the mathematics of focal length and field of view, each photograph’s companion documents the camera’s perception and point of exposure down to the second, both in time and in space, represented through topography, terrain, and imagery.

For those overlanders that are curious, the data sets below the map graphics are:

09 09 2009     15 23 39     N43 54 29 W112 36 13
10 09 2009     17 56 40     N39 50 55 W114 44 12
16 09 2009     21 21 53     N38 42 19 W110 30 25

These are the exact times and locations of the pictures. The highlighted areas are what the camera was viewing at the time.

From top to bottom, the pictures were taken in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah. I will do a more detailed write up on the circumstances and technologies in a different blog.