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August 11, 2010

O.K. Pepe, lets lose em!

This is the inaugural post in the fun stuff section of my Overland Travel blog, but first a little background. What prompted this initiative was the discovery of 2 very interesting sites:

The Internet Movie Cars Database is an incredible community-driven resource that documents all sorts of vehicles used in movies. It can provide the exact make, model, and year of a particular movie vehicle. Users can also use the database to search by movie and type of vehicle, and can add their own comments or additional information.

Movieclips is a slick site started by a couple of movie fans with the goal of making all those classic scenes viewable, searchable, discussable, and yes ... legally sharable over your favorite social media sites. Users can search for clips with various criteria including dialog, can comment on the clips, and ultimately can link out to other sites to actually purchase the film.

So with these two reference sites I proudly introduce the 1982 Ford Bronco XLT making its incredible getaway river jump in Romancing the Stone.

When I saw this movie years ago I just loved that SUV. The grill guard and winch in the front, the dual spares and gas cans in the back, the lights on the roof, the sound it made when powering through the mud ... awesome!

I could see it was a Ford but I didn't know too much about offroad vehicles back then. But now with the help of the vehicle database, I know that it's a Bronco with the top removed in the back which opens up the rear bed, making it look like a pickup truck, when in fact it is not.

And the stunt was no slouch either!